I've sent more ADA to pool wallet but don't show up in pledge

Hi, in my pool (IPIB) I have 10k declared pledge with 10.31k in the pool address. I wanted to increase the pledge so today I sent 4000 more ADA to the pool address, but the new ADA are not shown in the pool stake yet. Is it just a matter of time to be reflected?

In the BP, if I query the balance of the pool payment.addr I see two TXOs, one with the 10.31k and one with 4k. Is it normal?

Did you update your pool.cert with the updated pledge?



U need to declare the new pledge with a new registration certificat.

now I saw that @Anti.biz asked u the same thing


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so did i…i sent 4998 ADA to the pool wallet and seems like i got scammed
Charles Hoskinson

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Ok, it just needed time. I know that to increase the pledge I need to update the pool cert.

Thank you. I’ll add another 1k and then set the pledge to 15k.