Pledging and repledging

We have a question,
Can an operator say pledge 100k to get the pool up, then gather say a couple million in ada investment and 3 weeks later or whatnot REPLEDGE? ie re register the pool/pledge but with more?
when you re registered the pool could the operator keep all the rest of the details the same so any delegators would be kept on the same pool and not have to redelegate to the new one?
Or are you stuck with your initial pledge forever?
Seems starting pledge amount is critical here to find blocks.
Thanks if anyone answers this! We are getting there, just want to do this the most efficient and proper way. :slight_smile:

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Please don’t duplicate your questions, you risk wasting people’s time producing duplicate answers.


I deleted the (same) question in the other thread because I believe it makes sense to handle this in a separate topic.

Stake operators can “repledge” as often as they would like. (So basically every epoch)


I just re-submitted my pool registration certificate to increase the pledge. I set the deposit to zero for re-registering, otherwise cardano-cli complained… The new pledge showed up immideately in pooltool :slight_smile:

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Hey guys, oh cool good news! Thanks

It is possible to change the amount that is pledged to a pool every epoch if desired (but the pool re-registration will not take effect until after the next stake snapshot).

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@hanswurst wonder if you could help sharing the commands or any tricks? I registered the pool with 2.5 k ada pledge , it did register but the blockchain shows pledge missing? Even though I have the fund in pay from address

If you already registered your pool in the first place, there is nothing to share actually. You know how to do everything already. Just do not include the deposit amount in your transactions, only the transaction fee, when updating the registration.

Could it be, that the ADA balance of your payment address was reduced by the transaction fees to a point where it does not exceed the pledge you set?

well, had to redo the stake cert registration for the actually stake.vkey associated with the payment address, somehow it got a different one first time. now looks good. thanks for chiming in though