Changing Pledge before Registering Pool

Before my stake pool goes live, I wanted to clarify a couple things about the pledge. I sent 555 ada to the payment address, then registered my stake address. All that’s left is registering the pool. Since everything is working correctly up to this point, the rest of the pledge money (want to pledge 24k ada) was sent to the payment address. I can see both transactions when I query, but the parameters don’t recognize the total amount.

Is it okay to have 2 transactions in the payment address? I assume it totals it up.

Can I re-register the stake address without messing something up? I would like to set the pledge minimum to 24k when I create the actual pool certificate, but I need to make extra sure it’s fulfilled.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


Yes, its fine; you don’t need to re-register; just create the pool certificate and submit it.

Also its ok to create the certificate with the new pledge and later send the amount to payment address (not later than next snapshot).


I completely forgot to update this post. I went ahead and did just what you said and we’re now live!
Thank you for your response and the additional information. That clears up a question I never thought to ask!