Pool retiring help needed

Hey guys, some time ago I have successfully registered a new pool. During the process, I have decided to pledge all my funds to the pool, and set pledge to MAX - registration fee. Now, I’d like to retire the pool (the reasons beyond the scope of this thread), how do I do it so that I don’t loose my funds ? I am using CNTOOLS. What is interesting is that when I go to wallet->list, I can see my wallet, and it also says that it is delegated to my pool. When I look at wallet->show, it shows:

Rewards Available : 0 Ada
Funds + Rewards : 0 Ada

Is this normal ? ALso, when I go to pool->retire, it eventually goes to checking wallet and spits out the following:

ERROR: no funds available for wallet XXXXXX

What’s interesting is that if I enter my wallet address in cardano explorer, I can see the funds that I have transferred there. What am I missing here ?

THanks in advance.

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Did u imported the wallet from mnemonic?
Can u tell me the ticker?

Hello Alexd, the ticker is FCNET.

Pool deregistration is described here

cardano-cli stake-pool deregistration-certificate \
   --cold-verification-key-file cold.vkey \
   --epoch 264 \
   --out-file pool-deregistration.cert

cardano-cli transaction build-raw \
  --tx-in $TX_IN \
  --ttl $TTL \
  --fee $FEES_LVC \
  --certificate-file pool-deregistration.cert \
  --out-file tx.raw

# Draft the transaction
# Sign transaction
# Send transaction

This should give you your 500 ADA pool deposit back.

In case you are done with your stake address as well, you can deregister that too (but only after your pool got deregistered and you got your 500 ADA back).

The deposit for a stake address is 2 ADA that you should get back as well.

cardano-cli stake-address deregistration-certificate \
  --staking-verification-key-file stake.vkey \
  --out-file deregistration.cert

cardano-cli transaction build-raw \
  --tx-in $TX_IN \
  --ttl $TTL \
  --fee $FEES_LVC \
  --certificate-file deregistration.cert \
  --out-file tx.raw

I see the pool address has around 6k ADA

There is one posibility … why u are seeing 0 funds… u imported the wallet via mnemonic words and after that u performed transactions from yoroi/daedalus wallet… if yes then transfer from yoroi/daedalus 1-2 ADA to the pool address and go again in cntools - pool - retire

U will receive 500 ADA back as a reward and u will need to withdraw them from cntools - funds - withdraw reward

Hello Alexd, I’m sorry I did not respond right away, I have been distracted by more urgent matters. I thank you a lot for your support :wink: I will look into it, and let you know if I was successful.