Pledge Not Met - New Pool

I have set up a new stake pool with 1 relay and block producing node. Everything seemed to be running smoothly until I looked at the pool on ADApools and is shows missing
4K pledge. The other pool websites also show the same. Currenly my payment.addr shows to have 4008124866 lovelace and I have checked and my stake key and stake.addr are good and active.
I used the coincashew setup guide and the CLI method when setting up the keys and addresses. Any help on getting the pledge to show up would be great.

Did u registered the payment.addr in pool cerification?

Yes, I did that in the step 11 of the coincashew guide. I have looked up the address in cardano explorer and it shows the funds in there.
Also more information: stake pool ticker VTRN

I can’t see the address on adapools


So I should go back and attempt to register the payment.addr? Will I need to re-register the pool as well?

Nope, just to submit another pool.cert

Created and resubmitted another pool.cert. Still does not show the pledge.
It shows everything else in the cardano explorer. Screenshot 1 is from when I sent transaction with deposit yesterday. Screenshot 2 is from a little while ago, but did not include deposit, since it was already posted.

Your stake key doesn’t have any payment address associated

Did u registered also the payment.addr ?

Can u paste here the wallet address? Starts with addr1…


Controlled Stake Key


The wallet is imported from yoroi/daedalus?

No, I created wallet using the cli-method as described in the coincashew guide. I am feeling that I need to undo everything and start over.

Nope, u have the payment asdress now u will need to delegate/create the stake key for the payment.addr

Wait 1 minute

Ok, do u have these files right?

payment.skey & payment.vkey

Yes, on my air-gapped laptop.

Also the files

stake.skey & stake.vkey

Yes, I have those also.

And also stake.addr

Yes, I have stake.addr also.

And payment.vkey

Yes, payment.vkey and payment.skey and payment.addr.