Sent to payment.addr and 'Active Pledge' is 0

Hi Folks,
I sent 10K ADA to Payment.addr. It is there … However, I want this to show as ‘Active Pledge’ on Cardanboscan, but ‘Active Pledge’ continues to display as 0.

When I check the ‘pool updates’ tab and total output, I see my 10K ADA funds there.

What do I do to make ‘Active Pledge’ display my funds?

Thnk you

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Did you use the coincashew guide? I have seen several people on here with the same issue, and it seems like maybe they are missing a step. I am having the same issue. I was working with Alex previously, but now he is out until Monday. We have gone through the following steps so far: Re-registering take pool, resending the stake.cert, and so far, nothing new has happened. The payment.addr shows 4k$ADA, but the stake.addr shows no funds and my pool still shows “Delegation not met”. VTRN Pool.

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Yes, I’m generally following the coin Cashew guide. I started with the de Lara videos, and the official guide which I think is off-line this morning, and Coin Cashew.

There is something subtle about building the payment.addr file. I think there is a chance that I may have two different payment.addr keys and that would cause an issue.

I’ll be offline for 12 hours. I’ll let you know if I find something tomorrow morning.


I just found something … One of the guides had me make file called ‘paymentwithstake.addr’. I am not currently using this with coin Cashew. the address is much longer na dI feel like it is a combination of the payment.addr and stake.addr.



How did you check the balance of the payment.addr?

I use this from Coin Cashew …

cardano-cli query utxo
–address $(cat payment.addr)

                       TxHash                                 TxIx        Amount

1816fdf35894174d6015923cbdbae184d5f7ea81f859e0a5648b49bef373fade 0 10011873806 lovelace

Are you running 1.27.0 ?

So what you can confirm is that generate the payment.addr from the keys

cardano-cli address build \
--payment-verification-key-file payment.vkey \
--stake-verification-key-file stake.vkey \
--out-file payment.addr \

and be sure that stake.vkey is 678b50d901740da7eac9bbe8a4af990240c16b514dfc9994d7a6c061 what you provided as pool owner address
do you get the same payment.addr as you have already?

Yes, 1.27.0 …

I use in /scripts
you need to use Pools section and modify your pledge amount

Stake.vkey is wrong … I have 5820466633773217ab6c537e02d21c946cbb86d84083b59e2515bd4c24ef77552bfc

ok so probably you gave a wrong stake.vkey during pool registration --pool-owner-stake-verification-key-file stake.vkey and --pool-reward-account-verification-key-file stake.vkey
that is the command:

cardano-cli stake-pool registration-certificate \
--cold-verification-key-file cold.vkey \
--vrf-verification-key-file vrf.vkey \
--pool-reward-account-verification-key-file stake.vkey \
--pool-owner-stake-verification-key-file stake.vkey \
--mainnet \
--pool-relay-ipv4 <RELAY NODE PUBLIC IP> \
--pool-relay-port <RELAY NODE PORT> \
--single-host-pool-relay STRING <The stake pool relay's DNS name that corresponds to an A or AAAA DNS record> \
--metadata-url \
--metadata-hash <POOL METADATA HASH> \
--out-file pool-registration.cert


I see that I DO NOT have the proper stake.vkey in my folders. I overwrote it a few days ago and continued to use the wrong stake.vkey.

If I make my own stake.vkey with the correct hash, will the date-time stamp of the new file be an issue?

Thank you

sorry - inside stake.vkey you get the address in another format… so might be ok - what you can do is to generate the payment.addr again and compare it with existing one

the date of the file creation is not relevant…

OK, perfect …

Again, thank you …

@vetstakepool could you verify the same? generate the payment.addr again with the stake.vkey used as owner address during registration.

cardano-cli address build \
--payment-verification-key-file payment.vkey \
--stake-verification-key-file stake.vkey \
--out-file payment.addr \

Do you get the same payment.addr what you used in the registration process?

No, it is a different address.

hmm - I will also generate it… maybe you will get different payment.addr each time…
but the question still can you query the balance with the new address?

I appreciate the help guys … I have another event and will be offline for a few hours … I will recofigure my cold-keys on my cold machine and start back then.

Good Karma to you all …