Sent to payment.addr and 'Active Pledge' is 0

Do I need to move my funds out of the old payment.addr before changing the registration? I currently have no funds in the new payment.addr.

I’m transferring all of my ADA back to my hardware wallet now - just to be safe …

so - just generated a new payment.addr for me - and got a different one with no funds…
so - at this time do not do any extra thing - I have to dig into this situation a little bit more… also @timeforprunejuice

so - do not panic:)
A wallet can have many receiving address - payment.addr
and I used different method to generate my payment.addr (from recovery phase) that is why now I getting another payment.addr - but this at least showing that it has a controlled stake key in cardanoscan site

@timeforprunejuice @vetstakepool
So what I suggest is to generate the payment.addr and check this address in cardanoscan - the address needs to have a controlled stake key - and by clicking on it it should be Delegated To
your pool.

btw, how did you generate the keys?

I generated the keys using cardano-cli. My current address shows in cardanoscan, and the stake address also shows, but for some reason, they are are not linked so the funds in payment.addr do not show.

Ok - if you generated with cardano-cli that means payment.addr generation should gives back the same address everytime you generate it from the keys… and since you got different address - I am afraid that that different stake.vkey was used. one at payment.addr generation and one at pool registration certificate creation.

So do I need to retire my pool so I can get my 500$ADA deposit back, then start over with the correct keys? Or is there an easier way to fix this?

I think what I would try is to transfer small amount of ADA (2) to new payment.addr which was generated with stake.vkey used in the pool registration. and then check again the funds of owner address. it should not be 0 this time…

Hi, I retired the pool at the last minute and I’m going to start from sratch with all new keys and directories labeled by date and time …

When I use payment.addr, I have this much ADA using the Coin Cashew 18.9 CLI method to ‘Send a Simple Tranaction’:

Total ADA balance: 1324723

When I check Cardano Scan, I now have pledge.

I want to send that pledge back to a Daedalus address. So far, I have not found how to recover stake ADA. Can someone tell me how to recover the pledge - yesterday it was 0, now it is 1K …

Thank you


So 500 ADA is available as pledge - and where is the rest of the fund? on other address?

First, I want to really say Thank you … I know that you have a lot of development and other stuff to do. I see that my pledge is now displaying as 500 and I will wait until ePoch 274 to try to extract it again. I’ve saved everything securely and the instances are stopped. Worst case scenario, I lose 500 ADA … It is a lot, but the lesson in this exercise is worth the cost … I have greatly reduced the risk of being hacked, I have fairly good idea of wha tis going on.

Since i missed the epoch, I’ve just spent the morning immersed in AWS determing which instance is best of me. I Each of my instances may be different - BP instance, primary relay instance(s) and backup relay instance.

I’m starting from scratch as I’ve learned that my AWS AMI cannot be reduced in size, but can always made larger - my images were 256GB. I’m making a new 32GB image to deploy quickly… Again, frustrating, but a good lesson.




500 ADA can be transferred anytime to a new address…

Hi Folks,
I am restarting my adventure to revover 500 ADA from a pool that I retired. the pool was never correct, and I’ve abandoned AWS.

My issue: Can you give guidance, or point me to a link, that describes how to recover the 500 ADA deposit from this account: c203f4e84a7fc9749bae56c4a13534bad166e4ccfc836f1383ffe337 - Cardanoscan please?

When I use:

cardano-cli query utxo --address $(cat payment.addr) --mainnet

I only see the residual 1324723 lovelace leftover from sending my funds back to my wallet.

Thank you

First, u will need to withdraw the 500 ADA which u received as a reward, then send the funds to another wallet

  • Step 1
    18.11 Claim your rewards

  • Step 2
    18.9 Send a simple transaction example

!!! The node should be synced

Dude, Man! Thanks again! :facepunch: :pray: :facepunch:

I really appreciate your help. I got 499 ADA back! I still have just over 1 ADA left in that account, but I’ll let it go to the Crypto Gods.

I told a guy that I was 35% likely to recover my 500 ADA, and I thought God was going to get me for telling huge lies - I didn’t expect to get it back.

Thanks Again …

You are welcome

I think u should deregsiter also the address to receive the 2 ADA back… but I am not sure …

Correction, all 500 ADA did return to my Daedalus wallet. However, when sending from mainnet to my wallet, I always need to have just over 1 ADA left. The reason for this were explaied in a prior post. I can live with this …

Nope, who said that? U can send ALL ADA out of the wallet

Perhaps u should keep 1ADA because the rewards are delayed with 2 epochs and u will need it for transaction fee ?

I get an error. Something like ‘Not enough for the transaction’. I’ve been offline for a while and will decide if I will use my own hardware later. I’m not worried about the loss. I don’t know the exact error, but I think I’ve terminated the instances. I’m giving up on AWS due to limited knowledge for securing the block producer using AWS. Best