How to meet my pledge amount?

Hi all, I have just successfully set up y stake pool and I have pledged 1k worth of ADA. However I have not yet funded the address with that much ADA. My question is which address do I fund to meet my pledge?

Do I fund my payment.addr, or my stake.addr?

Good question! payment.addr works. stake.addr does not. from docs:

“This address CAN’T receive payments but will receive the rewards from participating in the protocol”

Thanks for the response. I recently sect 100 ada to the address which i believe is associated with my stake address. you can see that information here: Stake Address | Cardano Staking

Will this eventually reflect this new 102 ADA as my pledge amount? Or is there another step to declare that amount as part of my pledge amount?

U can check on the reward and pledge wallet



you can check the payment.addr as well on that site.
Also you can check the balance with cardano-cli:

cardano-cli query utxo \
  --address $(cat payment.addr) \