How do I fund my stake pool pledge?

Ok, so I have my stake pool system up and running.
I used the Coincashew guide to do that.

I have all the meta data stuff worked out, see my pool ticker on pooltool, etc…
Now I need to fund or fullfill my pledge obligation to the pool.

So at this point do I simply send pledge funding ADA to the payment.addr “payment address”?
Just looking to make sure I understand this step.

Yes, the pool owner wallet/address needs to have at least the amount of ADA that is declared as pledge.

Ok…so the payment address (as stated by the Coincashew documentation) is what you are calling the “owner wallet/address”. This is really just a matter of making sure I understand the terminology so I can understand instructions/advice.

Ok, got my pledge funded by sending outstanding balance amount to the pool payment address.

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