How do I add my pledge to the exact amount needed?

I need 666 pledge as per my pool.cert

How do I send what I need? Is it okay if its over this amount?

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U will see ur wallet address and the available funds… send ADA to that wallet to cover ur pledge…

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This ? stake1uxh7gtvdwjyfargxvneygxa0gz0p67jnh8n2zrkak629q4c7rqezp

Do I get delegation rewards + pool operator fees?

No, bellow - wallet address


So that cardano that goes to my pool wallet, I can send those funds by making a transaction on my server? So if someone wanted to help me with pledge, their funds go into my pool wallet?

That is ur pool wallet, u will need to send ADA when u will want to increase the pledge…

If someone will want to help u with the pledge can send ADA to that wallet but I don’t know if he will want to send u ADA directly to that address; if not u can register another address for pledge … I don’t now how it’s working but I know can be used HW wallets also

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So could I setup a wallet he controls in his daeladus as a extra pledge address?

I think yes; I helped a guy to pledge with ledger via cntools; but he needed a locally node in VM to connect the ledger via usb… he created the wallet and after he uploaded the files to the server

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so he kept his money with his wallet?

Yes, he has controll over daedalus/ledger

If u look he has 2 rewards but if u click u will see only the pool wallet

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if you can walk me through this process i appreciate it, i told my friend to buy cardano in june he spenet 2400$ and has 25K i had no money at the time so i only bought like $180 so i want him to be a pool owner but dont want his cardano at risk.

He has a hw wallet? Or just simple wallet?

right now he has a YOROi wallet

I can tell u can work, but need to read first

Try to search after multi pledge on forum

And if u have questions u must open a new topic… and u will receive answers