Is it possible to pledge from multiple discreet hardware wallets?


I have teamed up with some friends to create a stakepool with the help of the coincashew guide. We are operational, however we are trying to figure out how each of us can contribute pledge to the pool from our own personal wallets. Do each of us need to create addresses with CLI on our own personal air gapped computers, or is it possible to continue using hardware wallets and Daedalus and somehow derive the stake.vkey, etc from Daedalus? How are other people accomplishing this? Thanks.

To get the stake keys, each of you can use the “Mnemonic Method” as described in the coincashew guide to extract your own stake keys from Daedalus (or Yoroi, that’s what I used). You will need to have the 15 or 24 word recovery code. I currently don’t have a hardware wallet, so I can’t tell you if this method would work for that as well.

Once you have the stake keys, you’ll need to register the address as well (with the 20 ADA deposit) an get the stake certificates.

It’s recommended that these steps above are done on air-gapped machines as the keys (vkey, skey) and certs should be stored there.

Move these stake certificates and the verification keys (vkeys) to your block producer node and create your pool registration transaction again. Since you’re already operational, this time around you could set your “poolDeposit” to zero as you should have already deposited the 500 ADA the first time around

Once you have your raw transaction, each of you will need to sign the transaction with the skey. I believe you can each sign it separately on separate air-gapped machines. A signs, sends signed transaction file to B, B signs, B sends newly signed transaction file to C, C signs, move final signed transaction back to block-producer node and submit it. I think this is the recommended way as you don’t need to share your private keys with each other.

As you can tell the steps above require a lot of hands and passing around the transaction file a lot. It’s also “time sensitive” in the sense that your transaction TTL may expire during the time you’re waiting for everyone to sign. So we didn’t do it this way. Instead, we trusted each other and saved our private keys on a single air-gapped machine and signed it in one go.

Hope this helps!


Wow, this looks super helpful. I will pass on the info an see if we can get it done! Thank you so much!

Next we just need to figure out if there is a way to do this with hardware wallets. Seems unlikely that CLI will support Trezor or Ledger mnemonics.

I’ve been looking for this same solution and came across this post:

Could be a solution?

Hi, did you ever accomplish this?
I am trying to divide my pledge between multiple hard wallets as well, thank you!

I used this super-helpful info from [ANGEL] to get my own stake pool [APSP] set up with a hardware-protected pledge:

Basically, I registered the pool with my owner/operator cli keys and zero pledge then added my Ledger account as an owner once I knew the pool was operating properly. Using the provided info, you should have no trouble adding as many hardware accounts to the pledge as you wish.