Storing Pledge Funds Securely

I have submitted a feature request through the IOHK zendesk to include the ability to export a skey/vkey from Daedalus.

I personally would be more comfortable moving my funds to a proven out seed that can be stored on a fireproof stainless steel device like a Billfodl. I also have an opportunity to run a pool for a co-worker but it is a hard sell to explain to him that we need to move his ADA to a payment address derived from a skey/vkey in CLI. From there I would have to inform him to make encrypted USB flash drives and we will back up his keys there. Oh and by the way donโ€™t loose them and make sure your house never burns down.

Does anyone know if this is being worked on?

What interest level is out there for this besides me?


I think itโ€™s important especially as pool ops seek people to help with pledge.