How to Restore stake pool wallet

Hi all
I am in the process of setting up my own stakepool and going through available guides and documentation still. I got couple of questions regarding the safety of the pledge funds and the cold storage keys. Appreciate if you can answer these:

  1. In case my block producer/ relay node hdd crashes, how can i access/restore the wallet where I’ll put the pledge funds? In Daedalus, we got the seed phrase to restore the wallet in case something goes wrong… how can we restore the pledge wallet and recover funds in case something goes wrong
  2. What are the cold storage keys and how are the used?
    Any help is much appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

hi Mr. Roo
These are good questions

  1. you should always backup your pool and wallet keys, just encrypt them and put on a secure drive. Also - never ever put those keys on your relay/bp nodes - have a secure pc at home where you store them.
  2. cold keys are basically the main keys of your pool - with these you can generate hot keys for your BP node, so it can sign generated. so keep them somewhere safe!


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Thanks lauris :blush:
Just to clarify, if i keep the keys secure, i can use them to access the payment wallet where the pledge funds are kept?

without “secret key” (*.skey) you can’t use/send funds (sign transactions)
so, backup all your keys (skey/vkey) and store them safely

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