Plegding in pool directly from Daedalus Wallet

I’m new SPO and also new to deployment of servers. Although I have taken measures to secure my BP as well as relay nodes. I was wondering there should be a was in Daedalus wallet to directly pledge (add/remove) to pool. In this way I have my Daedalus wallet safe on my system and if my server is hacked or compromised the pledge amount is secured locally.

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yes it is possible to have your pledge in Daedalus.
As far as I am using it you are still exposed to hacks if anyone gets your air-gapped keys.
Check out this:


HI Johann,
I was more imagining like the way delegators stake their ADA, similarly SPO should have ability to pledge directly from the Daedalus wallet. I would be very simple and secure.

What about securing Daedalus with HW wallet?

Then your keys are safe :wink:

I hope I understand the issue correctly.

To change the pledge you have to reregister your pool. Which should be done on an air-gapped machine.
Having your pledge in daedalus or HW wallet is possible.
In my opinion these two things should be treated separately.


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I am actually looking for the same functionality. I guess you’d have to use the stake.vkey from Daedalus as pool-owner-stake-verification-key-file in the registration certificate.


it is possible to generate the keys from the recovery phrase. That means the pledge address will be derived from an actual wallet address. Use the cardano-address command line tool

What about the wallet that I created in BP node? Also I didn’t understand the whole github document. It just tell you generate this and that. But no mentioning of how to use them

If you are using cntools, you can import the wallet from your Daedalus seed there, or you can use a HW wallet.

Cntools installation guide:

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What does importing means? Does it means if my server is hacked my wallet is still safe? I f so the can i change my wallet after registering the pool?

so, pledging is not possible in the way like you do with staking… since the pledge address and the amount have to be provided during pool registration - it is kind of a parameter of the pool.

Did you ever figure this out? None of these replies seemed to address your question.

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Check my topic… u will find all informstions there

Did you get this figured out? I would like to do the same thing. I have 3 separate people who will be pledging to the stake pool and I would like all of them to be able to submit their pledge from within Daedalus. From what I can tell, it seems like I have to create new staking addresses for each of them, ask them to send ADA to these addresses, and then register them. Following these steps moves the ADA into addresses that I control instead of leaving it in addresses they control, which I don’t like. The documentation surrounding this is very lacking.

Will be more easy if they have a HW wallet

Please read this

Hi ,
Can I have 2 pool share the same stake keys/address and payment stake keys/address?

With HW support, is that mean I have to use hw_cli to create the payment and stake key address which are not more convinient that the cli methods?


No, you can’t

How about can I share the same payment address only with 2 pool ?
When withdraw ada from payment, is the cli is the only way, can I use HW wallet as payment address?
If so, how do I generate the keys from the payment address?