NEW Ledger/Trezor Update for Owner Pledge - StakePool Operator Scripts!


StakePool Operator Scripts for Mainnet are now updated to the latest Security Upgrades! :heart_eyes:

LINK: scripts/cardano/mainnet at master 路 gitmachtl/scripts 路 GitHub

All is ready and set when Ledger and Trezor will release there new FW in a few days. Learn how to migrate your existing CLI-Based owner keys to new HW-Wallet-Based owner keys and how to migrate your StakePool to the new owner keys. Checkout the new README here.
LINK: scripts/ at master 路 gitmachtl/scripts 路 GitHub

So, step up your SPO Security - NOW!

Best regards, Martin

P.S.: To all that are already using the Scripts, the Workflow has not changed much. :blush:


The Cardano App v2.1.0 for Ledger Devices is now available!!! You can start to migrate your pledge to HW-Wallets right now, no excuse for lost pledge anymore! :slight_smile:

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I would like to thank Martin for creating those great scripts! He helped me a lot and my funds will be secured by a HW wallet.

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The script library is fantastic. I love the online/offline workflow pattern!

A question about using a Ledger to setup payment/stake addresses. After using the command, I can see that the payment address is one of many addresses utilized by the Ledger wallet. In fact, it might be considered the 鈥榖ase鈥 address and I can see on Cardano Explorer it was involved with a couple of prior transactions and has 鈥0鈥 balance. The wallet has another dozen addresses with funds.

I鈥檝e tried using Daedalus to transfer 鈥榠ntra-wallet鈥 to that specific address (as would be necessary for Pledge), but it appears to me that intra-wallet transfers are rejected. Daedalus doesn鈥檛 say as much; in fact it indicated 鈥榯ransaction confirmed鈥. But an hour later no transaction updates or address balances adjusted.

Is it implied that to fund an explicit payment address associated with the Ledger wallet we have to do so 鈥榦ut of band鈥? I.e., get a second Ledger, use Daedalus/Yoroi (non Ledger wallet) as intermediary, bounce out to exchange and back, etc.?

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Using Daedalus is ok, a 鈥渋n wallet transaction鈥 will only appear with the small transaction fee, but nothing more". You should always check the pledge funds for your pledge address you have created on the CLI via the CLI itself, or a tool like for that specific address.