Getting money out of payment.addr back to Daedalus Wallet

Before I fully fund my stake pool, I wanted to make sure I was clear on how to get money out of my payment.addr.
I’ve been able to successfully send from my Daedalus Wallet, but wanted to practice in reverse before I commit my full pledge.

I see the section below that deals with it, and I’m assuming I just insert my Dadalus Wallet address, but wanted to make sure someone walked me through it specifically before made a mistake and I sent my money into the ether.

Specifically section 10.3 and 10.5, is it as simple as just putting my Daedalus Wallet address in the tx-in line and my payment.addr in the tx-out line?

Thanks for your help!

Actually, I didn’t look far enough down the coincashew guide to find a better walk-through

Is this the best way to get funds from payment.addr to Daedalus?

Thanks, Sully

If u are not using cntools the u will need to create a transaction to move the funds from node wallet to daedalus wallet


I have built my entire node from scratch even up to the point of having funded a payment.addr. already have my metadata on github and am about to certify the pool. I see your post about using CNtools to help with easier fund transfer and I like the idea of that compared to having to program out every transaction. Can I at this point install CNtools on my node to do this, or is it too late? I’m not terrible interested in rebuilding the whole thing now that I have it up and running well.
Thanks for your help!

U can but will be a lot of work to move files… and rename them…

Now, if I built my payment.addr using the cli method, can I then run the other Cardano wallet script, will it recognize this payment address or will it build another? Will I have to transfer funds out and back?

Meaning, I’d ideally take the payment.addr I’ve set up and funded and pair it with a Daedalus wallet with a mnemonic phrase


even if this topic is some months old, but i am also interested in excactly the same question.

What is the solution, the CLI command to send x ADA from payment.addr back to Daedalus?

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Step 18.9

Thank you very much!

Quite complicated for a simple transaction on CLI, but ok. Good to know getting your ADA back :wink:

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Actually, what my original post was about has now been added to section 18.14 - It guides you thru how to transfer your CLI payment.addr pledge to a Daedalus or Ledger wallet. Takes a few steps and a bit of time, but once done, it certainly makes things easier and more secure.