Still trying to send ADA from my stake pool payment address to Daedalus

Hi anyone

I have followed the steps on CoinCashew several times: Guide: How to build a Cardano Stake Pool - CoinCashew

I’ve tested against the cli commands on testnet - which works.

But on the Mainnet, the submission is accepted, but I don’t see any changes to payment.addr or in Daedalus wallet.

All I am trying to do is move ADA from the payment address from my Stake Pool payment address back into my Daedalus wallet.

Any help appreciated :slight_smile: thanks.

Which step are u following for moving the funds? Also is the node synced? Also do u receive any errors?

Hi @Alexd1985

Ive just run gLiveview to see that I need to upgrade from 1.27.0 to 1.29.0. I’ll do that and try the tx again.

U don’t need it, 1.27.0 should work


I don’t get any errors.

And I have used steps “18.9 Send a simple transaction example”

and? On do u see any transactions? What is the ticker?

I see nothing ‘new’ for the payment.addr or my destination address in