Move dead nodes wallet to daedalus?

Yeh so what the title said.
Ive stopped operating my pool due to the chance of any rewards is about the same as me winning the olympics in any event. I moved most of my ada out of the wallet a while ago, but there is still some left.
Id like to avoid having to fiddle around with the node with upgrades and such to be able to send it out from that, so is it possible that Daedalus imports the wallet and I can move the funds from there?
How? Any guides somewhere?
Thanks very much in advance.


you can move your funds using cardano-cli

or maybe you can import your private key into Daedalus:
but I am not sure that payment.skey is compatible with secret.key format

And don’t forget to withdraw the 500ADA pool cost returned as reward

Does this not require a functioning node?

Ill check out the import funciton. Thanks for link!

This I wonder about… can I deregister a node even when it’s down?

As far as I understand the node has to be running?

it is enough to run a relay node and get it synced - to able to submit transaction on the blockchain.

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