Stranded ₳ in retired stake pool wallet

I retired my pool a while back and there’s some stranded ₳ in the wallet. Is there a way to recover the wallet without setting the pool back up?

If you have the signing key, you should be able to build a transaction sending it all to wherever you want.

Interesting…I do have the signing key. The two relays and bp node are toast though - does that make a difference?

Should not. Query the UTxOs with cardano-cli query utxo with the payment address, build a transaction with cardano-cli transaction build with these UTxOs als --tx-ins and your target adddress as --change-address, sign it with cardano-cli transaction sign with the signing key of the payment address and, finally, cardano-cli transaction submit.

Nothing requires the pool to be up, existing, or anything. It’s just a Cardano address with some ADA in UTxOs.

But: Did you deregister the pool and get your 500 ADA back?

Yes I deregistered and got ₳ back. So now that the server relays and bp-node no longer exist how can I get access to cardano-cli, install Daedalus locally and sync chain?

You could do it as per the official docs. I’m personally just using Daedalus and connecting to it’s node. Which operating system?

Are they still in the stake address? Then you have to do a withdrawal also. But that should also be possible in the same transaction. Has to be signed by the stake signing key, then.

Ok cool, I’ll take a look…am using macOS. I also have a spare raspberry laying around I could probably spin up with an Ubuntu or whatever if I needed to.

afaik I claimed all the rewards before obliterating the servers

For MacOS, this post maybe helps (adapted to --mainnet):

If that is too short, feel free to ask.

I’d spare him the 22 GiB of Daedalus’ chain. :grin:

You should be able to check with this:

Thanks for your help & suggestions. I will give this a try.

Why did you decide to retire the pool?