Cardano CLI query utxo transaction history

Hey, guys, I’m in process of creating my own pool. But I don’t understand something and I can’t find the info I looking for. So I will ask here. Sorry if the question is not relevant.

I following this tutorial to create a pool on mainnet.


In step 10 I restore my Daedalus wallet with Mnemonic Method with Cardano-wallet andeverything looks nice. The problem is that the address that is generated is only one. And when I search in I found some of my transactions. But when I use it in cardano-cli to query utxo it’s not showing any transactions (My nodes is already sync).

It’s anything like a master address or a way to query all my addresses (with ada in them) to corresponding generated keys.

And question is if this is a problem at all ? Because to calculate my transaction fee, banances and pledge i need way to know all balance in my wallet (keys), How to do that without UI wallet only with cardano-cli (I know how to make transactions via cli, but how to get all ada balance)?

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The CLI interacts with the block chain at the address level (instead of the BIP32 account level). When you use you’ll see the full address hierarchy associated with all (what they call) accounts. Daedalus does not yet support multiple BIP32 paths. See #2397

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Thanks for reply. The way I resolve the issue is to generate new address associated with this BIP32 account and send all tokens to it. And I will use it pay all transactions. Now when I querying the address all funds are there… I don’t know if this is best solution but will work. Right?

The best solution (IMHO) is to use a hardware wallet in combination with
Then you follow these CLI instructions here. You will not have a stake.skey nor a payment.skey anymore, which would give access to your funds if compromised. Instead you have stake.hwsfile and payment.hwsfile which are useless without the hardware device.

To withdraw rewards and send ADA elsewhere, you would not have to go to the command line at all anymore, just once for pool registration.


I face the same problem, How did you fix it?

From that, I unfortunately cannot derive your question.