No funds on the address!


I’m setting up my own stake pool , but I’m stuck with “no funds on the address”. I have send 11 ada to my deposit address just for test and it is not reflecting and it’s been 20 hours have past, I’m currently running cardano-node version 1.25.1.

As of this writin my epoch is 235.


what this command saying:

cardano-cli query utxo \
  --address $(cat deposit.addr) \
  --mainnet --mary-era

also - check the payment address that the amount of ADA you sent is now missing or not

it appears I don’t have deposit.addr


I used this step to generate my wallet address.

so how did you send the ADA to your myWallet address?

I used yoroi, I checked my address in cardano blockchain and i can see the transaction, same address to my stake pool.

so in that case you can check the transaction in Yoroi - is the address is the same as the mywallet.addr?

Yes it is same, I wonder if its something to do with syncing…

coz I have epoch 237 and current epoch is at 256

ahh, good - yes that is the problem - I forget to pay attention to that info
please wait, till the node has the full blockchain - since the transaction added during 256, and the node only see 0-237

okay, will update this once sync is complete.

Hi yes it is a synchronizing issue,

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