Setting up a stake pool - Step 3

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I’m trying to start a stake pool in central Texas and have 2 virtual machines and the Cardano tools built on both, with intended block producer node talking to the relay VM.

I’m currently on chapter 3 of 3. Create a simple transaction — cardano-node Documentation 1.0.0 documentation and a little confused.

In section 3.2, they ask to query a Tx output to the payment.addr on the Node machine, but there is no Ada and no transactions tied to this address. Are we supposed to fund payment.addr? This isn’t explicitly called out in the instructions in section 2, and before wiring money to the stake pool payment.addr, I just want to be perfectly clear this is the intention.

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Maybe even better to generate the payment.addr from a recovery phrase… so in that way you can use a wallet as well to send transactions to that address and also easier to recover the address…
so you can try to use this official tool to have your keys…

Ok, I’ll check that out. But the address in payment.addr is supposed to be funded in Step 3 before proceeding?

yes - since you need fund to able to send ADA from that address.

If you are on testnet you can get funds from the faucet. On mainnet you need to send ADA to you payment address.