Recovering funds from payment.addr

Hi guys,
What is the process of accessing funds/restoring wallet generated by below command?

cardano-cli shelley address build
–payment-verification-key-file payment.vkey
–stake-verification-key-file stake.vkey
–out-file payment.addr

I assume you use payment.vkey and payment.skey but just wanted to clarify before I send over my pledge funds.

Thanks in advance.

Is it the same process as withdrawing rewards except you use payment.addr instead of stake.addr?

Hi Steve,

In this step you are building your address using specific payment and stake keys you generated earlier.

You will have wanted to completed registering the stake address, and I recommend doing that manually via cli as opposed to using keys extracting from a Daedalus mnemonic - as many have received similar errors using the same process, and I am unsure as to the current workaround (if any).

To withdraw funds you will need to sign the transaction with the stake.skey for the rewards address. You can use any arbitrary payment address utxo / key to pay for that transaction

Your friend, FROG

EDIT: please make sure you review / search forum for guidance on setting up keys and signing transactions using a cold (airgapped) machine setup with cardano-cli

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Hi Steve and ADAfrog,

Thank you for your posts on this topic as I would like to try the same thing: I sent funds to the payment.addr created using cardano-cli for the stake pool deposit, but I would like to practise sending funds back out of that address. Would you kindly be able to write in more detail what the process is, and the command-line commands I need to use? I am trying to understand all this - it’s fascinating, and I want to make sure I master these details before committing more fully to Cardano. Thanks!