Retiring pool

Hi. I have retired the pool 3 epochs ago. However, I have not received the initial deposit yet.
Am I missing something to do? Any ideas? :thinking:


Did you check your rewards account address balance?

I have tree .addr:
. payment.addr (0 adas)
. paymentwithstake.addr (this with two signs) (0 adas now)
. stake.addr (can’t read)
It exists another one?

When i retired a pool i got the 500ada to my staking/rewards address and not the address from which I initially paid that deposit.

Nice. Thanks.
I really don’t know which is the staking/rewards address in my node. Not sure.
I have these three addreses. Which one is that?

I can’t read the balance in stake.addr that begins with “stake1u9h9d96cdp…”
How can I do that?
Thanks in advance!

query stake address like this:

cardano-cli shelley query stake-address-info --address [stake-address] --mainnet

build withdraw transaction like this:

cardano-cli shelley transaction build-raw \
–tx-in [utxo]#[TxIx] \
–tx-out [destination address]+[rewards-amount] \
–tx-out [payment.addr]+[lovelaces-remaining-in-payment.add] \
–fee [tx-fee] \
–ttl [current-slot + 100000] \
–withdrawal [stake-address]+[rewards-amount] \
–out-file rewards.raw

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Yes!! Resolved.
Thank you very much!