Retiring Stake Pool (Getting Stake Stake Back)


I retired my stake pool in epoch 299 and I haven’t received my stake ADA back as yet. When I try to claim my rewards from my stake.addr I receive this error:


can someone assist with how I can receive my stake ADA.

The only problem i see in your pic is that it can’t find the stake.addr file to get it’s contents.
Maybe you deleted it or have it in another folder?

I have my stake.addr on my air-gap. The initial setup didn’t setup my stake addr on my hot environment

Then the cat command won’t bring anything.
Just replace it with --address “type your address” | jq -r “.[0].rewardAccountBalance”) or copy stake.addr to your BP

Thanks that worked! I continued on with trying to transfer the ADA out of the Stake.addr to my payment addr and received this error. can you explain?


Need more info on your previous commands because it seems you got error for everything :stuck_out_tongue:

I found the solution. I had to wait 2 epoch to withdraw my rewards. Thank you for your assistance!

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