Deposit not returned after retiring a stake pool?

Hi all,

I created a stake pool with the pool id


and then I decided to retire it.

It’s been retired now for 8 epochs, but my 500 ADA deposit wasn’t returned yet.

I’ve checked my payment.addr balance


and looks like the deposit (500ADA) has not been returned.

When and how will I receive the deposit back?

Thank you in advance

You can ask IOHK support team here

I thought your deposit will be payed to your rewards address. Is payment.addr your rewards address? Mostly it is stake.addr: stake1uymvvejyl6aah33alw2dkr442k2gtjj56lcsnkw428fwchsklzd3n
Sorry, i am nerdy: checked it, it’s there:
“rewardAccountBalance”: 500000000

Thank you very much!!

How did you find our that there are 500 ADA on the address stake1uymvvejyl6aah33alw2dkr442k2gtjj56lcsnkw428fwchsklzd3n

When I go to Stake Address | Cardano Staking I only see the 494 ADA, which is the amount that was left on that wallet BEFORE the 500 ADA deposit was “reserved”.

It’s a little confusing: what you see in adapools is an amount of 494 ADA, but that’s the content of the payment.addr. ( Addr1q89wsnuhahlj4t9mjruu2xw5mT8cllltr9f20n2zr6dwpwfkcenyfl4Mm0rrm7u5mv8t24v5sh99f4l3p8va25wja30qpnvrj2) But the deposit is available at the stake address, which is: stake1uymvvejyl6aah33alw2dkr442k2gtjj56lcsnkw428fwchsklzd3ne136c66644febbdbc63dfb94db0eb5559485ca54d7f109d9d551d2ec5e
So, a simple cardano-cli query stake-address-info --mainnet --allegra-era --address stake1uymvvejyl6aah33alw2dkr442k2gtjj56lcsnkw428fwchsklzd3ne136c66644febbdbc63dfb94db0eb5559485ca54d7f109d9d551d2ec5e would do… :slight_smile:

yes, indeed, you have 494 ADA in your wallet

your ada are in the wallet address :