How deposit is returned after retiring a stake pool?

Hi all,

I made some mistakes in my first created stake pool, thus I decided to retire it and created a new one.

The new epoch has just arrived, so I think my old stake pool has been retired. I have 2 questions regarding this:

  • How to check if a stake pool has been retired using a pool’s id. My pool’s id is 16136c2df8c84334a9c05c16d193c3f38fb8396442f11ad64a1fc2a7

  • I’ve just checked my payment.addr balance and looks like the deposit (500ADA) has not been returned. Do you know when will I receive the deposit back?

Thanks a lot in advance :pray:

Hi Trung,

I’m not sure how to check by id whether the pool has been retired but will look into it and provide a response shortly.

I do know the deposit will be returned to your rewards account once retirement takes effect.

Stay tuned …

Your friend, FROG

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Thanks a lot @ADAfrog! You’re the best :heart_eyes:

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Hi Trung,

You should be able to check in Daedalus and the pool should have a red mark stating it will be retired soon

Also, it takes N + 1 epochs for retirement to take effect - so your pool deposit will be returned following the end of the epoch the retirement transaction was executed plus one additional epoch

  • FROG
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Awesome. That’s really helpful!

Thanks again @ADAfrog :trophy:

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Sorry @ADAfrog, just 1 last question to confirm
Can I now stop my nodes/relays in my old pool? I guess the the deposit will still be returned to my payment.addr (or stake.addr) even if I stop my nodes, right?

Hi Trung,

You can stop your nodes and still receive rewards, but if you have stake you’ll want to wait for the de-registration to take effect as one you may produce blocks, and two for the health of the network.

Your friend, FROG

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Is that the only way to see if a pool has been retired? I have mistakingly deregistered the pool, but didn’t go through to the transaction (I believe) as my wallet wasn’t ready. In I see that it has been retired (If I look at the about tab page), but in Daedalus don’t see the red mark (never seen it for my pool). This was in epoch 11. I am bit worried now, should I register new one and forget about this one?

Thank you. I have the same issue. Based on what you guys discussed, I need to wait until next the next epoch (256). Then I can get the deposit back.

Refer docs: 11. Retiring a Stake Pool — cardano-node Documentation 1.0.0 documentation

The pool it retired. But how can I check if I received the 500 ADA deposit back?

Hello, how was it going? Is it return and no need to claim??