Pool retirement, pledge and deposit


I just generated the certificate and submitted to retire my pool. It will be retired in epoch 275.
I have some questions about the process…
When will I receive the pool deposit, where and how can I get it?
I do not see my deposit back to my original Daedalus wallet, how or when will I receive it?
Do I have to keep the servers running or I disconnect them? If I have to keep them on, until when?

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U will receive as a reward inside the pool wallet I think in epoch 276

Thank you @Alexd1985…So I have to keep the pool servers until then?

It was a cli wallet or an imported daedalus wallet?

I transferred my funds from a daedalus wallet to the stake address…so I guess a cli wallet.

Ok, when u will withdraw the rewards or transfer the funds, the node needs to be synced

You can send anytime the funds back to daedalus but keep 1ADA for withdraw rewards fee

Ok, then my plan failed. How can I reverse back the operation, how can I cancel the deregistration? I just wanted to temporary remove it from the system as I have personal issues these days…
Sorry for the mess…

But I will need to migrate the servers of BP and relays…I guess there is no issue with the relay, but how can I make the BP work in the new server, just copying the appropriate files I already have in the one that is running?

Send another pool certificate which will cancel the deregistration one…

Check before and after on adapools.org, pool.pm, etc (u should not see the retire warning message)

Great, thanks. I will submit another one then.

Yes, bkp all the wallet and pool files from the old server and move to the new server

And will work without any other issue? Just changing the IP’s for the new ones? No extra configuration needed in the new BP? So I do not have to issue anything especifically for that block producer, just copy/paste the already existing files…?

Yes, just copy paste… of course u will need to add the new BP IP to the topology updater script (Relays)

What about the deposit fee? It will be subtracted again? Should I remove it from all the steps?`



Pool deposit should be 0 or try to remove

I submitted the old certificate, as there it seems not to be anything different or related to epoch/slot…but still appears as retiring in epoch 275 in adapools.org. It disappeared from pooltool.io.

What is the ticker?

The ticker is CURE

Then try to create a new registration pool certificate

This is from guide:
“And we are done. The pool will retire at the end of epoch 40. If we change our mind, we can create and submit a new registration certificate before epoch 41, which will then overrule the deregistration certificate.”

Yes I did that…

Seems the certificate is received but I still see the message…I used before the old certificate. Now I generated a new one and submitted…same output…