Retired pool, not my 500 adas!

Hello, in January I decided to set up a pool, but I did not collect the necessary ADA to generate profits
I have decided to unregister the pool at epoch 336 through
I followed the steps and everything went ok.
in theory in epoch 338 they would give me back the 500 ADA, but this has not happened.
I have left the servers synchronized, but I have not received anything.

The pool was called: TENSE

The base address is: addr1qyrhm207wp9f68yr0c6l97qtny27jqdwyalr4sz602qduhad5qp48sa78z298y0llwt6309x38zlg02j6hgewp6zukkszu043l

Enterprise Address : addr1vyrhm207wp9f68yr0c6l97qtny27jqdwyalr4sz602qduhc7pz4fx

Reward/Stake Address : stake1uxk6qq6ncwlr39znj8llh9aghjngn30584fdt5vhqapwttgllat9k

How can I get my ada back?

that’s because the wallet is/was not delegated
so at the epoch transition, the ledger knows nothing about the stake key, because it has been previously de-registered, so the deposit, instead of going to the stake account, it has to go to the treasury. And it is lost forever and there is nothing we can do to help

the right order is:

  • create a de-registration certificate and submit to the network
  • wait till specified epoch and check for 500A (deposit) on stake account/address
  • if you received it withdraw the rewards
  • de-register the wallet
  • if it is necessary move the funds to another wallet.


Hello, thanks for the answer, I followed the steps from, it seems that when I unregistered the pool, I unregistered my wallet.
This means that I have lost my 500 ADA right?
And there is no way to get them back?

Unfortunately not, because they have already been sent to you but because the stake account wasn’t registered at that time you lost them

When the stake address has already been de-registered when a reward payout or a pool deposit refund is distributed, then the ADA goes back to the reserves (ie where future staking payouts come from).