Unable to find my initial 500 ADA when unregistering my Staking Pool

I unregistered my Stake Pool (SA4M) at the end of the epoch 305, now we are at epoch 306, I was able to move the related wallet content (unregistered it) but no clue about those 500 ADA I put for Pool initiation.
I re-registered the wallet address but nothing more.

Here is the command+output of the StakeAddress (the one given by cntools):

cardano@cardano-blockp-1:/opt/cardano/cnode/scripts$ cardano-cli query stake-address-info --mainnet --address stake1u9x98hyvudylz9emgc4vaj4g75vxrq54lpt4ctu75fvj88cssrnqz
“address”: “stake1u9x98hyvudylz9emgc4vaj4g75vxrq54lpt4ctu75fvj88cssrnqz”,
“rewardAccountBalance”: 0,
“delegation”: null

Thanks for your help :wink:

what is the wallet address for pool rewards?

Will be back in the rewards address of the pool after a delay period of 2 full epochs (after pool deregistration is effective)

Hi Alex,
Here is the display for the wallet:


Wallet: wallstak1

1 UTxO(s) found for Base Address!

UTxO Hash#Index | Asset | Amount
d616d05a5fa7bf8364e34ba9835d72e6377aab6cd35d77f4af548cef17bd5c96#0 | Ada | 1.463325

ASSET SUMMARY: 1 Asset-Type(s)

Total Amount | Asset
1.463325 | Ada

1 UTxO(s) found for Enterprise Address!

UTxO Hash#Index | Asset | Amount
14988cba2d90914beb945ff0753603b7c89963f3b642b0355c8de9fd0de28f00#0 | Ada | 1.000000

ASSET SUMMARY: 1 Asset-Type(s)

Total Amount | Asset
1.000000 | Ada

The wallet address not the transactiin hash… anyway wait for the next epoch and check again

Hummm I indeed heard about that 2 epochs to wait for the end before.
You are probably right.

Thank you for your feedback Alex,
I’m will wait for the next epoch so :slight_smile:

Hi All,
Now we are in the epoch 310 and still no clue about those initial 500 ADA.
Bizarrely the pool was able to mint 2 blocks after epoch 307 & 308 where it was supposed to be decommissioned.
I received the rewards for the block epoch307 but still nothing for the epoch308.
It looks like I am missing something right?

What is the ticker?

Hi Alex,
the ticker is SA4M

I see some available rewards for ur stake address but I don’t see the 500 ADA … do u remember if u registered 2 addresses when u registered the pool?

I don’t think so, I didn’t know it was possible to register 2 different addresses. :-/

Hmm weird, I will take a look again in more details

Ok thank you for your help Alex.

Can be bacause the stake address was deregistered 21 days ago and one day latter u registered again?

but I see the address is not registered anymore… even in history u can see that 20 days ago it was registered again…

This is the pool wallet address for rewards… but is not delegated anymore

Here the address was deregistered and u received the rewards (probably from blocks) + 2 ADA for deregistering the stake address

Indeed, it could be the reason!
Should I register / re-delegate again?

I don’t know if it will work, u can contact IOHK team to ask them

Ok thank you very much for your time Alex.
I will see with IOHK so.


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