Where do unclaimed rewards go to?

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A time a go I did a stupid thing, I went cold turkey on mainnet without prior knowledge (should have used testnet). I registered a staking pool and not long after that retired it. Both these actions where done using online guides without full grasp of the theory (ow silly me). The situation is that when I retired the stakepool (pool1j3660wj8q4ur8lhfm9ja9grc88eqfkd57gxsqsrwheefk3pv4rr) I also unregistered the staking address of the pool owner. When retiring a pool the initial deposit of 500 ada is returned 2 epochs later on this addres, but this address was not registered anymore. Since I did not yet claim it I wonder what happend to this 500 ada. Again I am stupid and did not know what I was doing so I did not see my fault. I just recently started to see my struggle and re-registered the pool staking address associated to the pool owner to the chain (long after the initial unregistration of the pool). Now my question is, will the rewards of 500 ada still be there to be claimed? And if not, did I fund the treasure :stuck_out_tongue: ? I already accepted that lost this 500 ada but would like to learn from the mistake, could anybody shed some light on the inner workings of the protocol?

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Hi Thomas, does it happen that you know/remember the stake address you unregistered?


As you can see via the cardanoscan explorer I deregisterd the stake adress on 06/11/2021 3:46:04 PM after registering it a day earlier on creating the pool

So when the 2 epochs occurred and it was the time for sending back the deposit, that address didn’t exist at that time. Maybe since you registered again today, you will get the deposit back in 2 epochs from now. It depends if the blockchain keeps trying or drop the request, and I don’t have the answer to that!

I would suggest to wait until that passes, if you got nothing, then as a last resort would be to contact IOHK about it.

Thank you for the reply, you are correct that the address didn’t exist when the rewards where send back. My hopes are that after 2 epochs from the current one (when I registered the address again onchain) I get the deposit back but I don’t think it will happen. Maybe I get it back after this epoch, I will post the results in this forum for future usage.

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Looks like I am not the first, I hope i am the last.

500 Ada Pool deposit lost if Rewards address is ever de-registered · Issue #1821 · input-output-hk/cardano-node · GitHub.

The 500 ada is gone.