De-registered Stake Pool - Missing 500 ADA

I de-regestered my stake pool in Epoch 491. It is now Epoch 496 and I have not received my 500 ADA. What can I do?

According to there are three pools where the deregistration became effective in Epoch 491 – ALLI, GIVE, and SPF1 – and four pools where the deregistration was submitted in Epoch 491 – LXN, a pool without name and ticker, FRESH, and BGOOD.

The deposit is credited to the pool rewards stake address and can then be withdrawn from there. This can only be done as long as that stake address registered which is why CoinCashew has an explicit warning to not deregister the stake address too early.

The following pools received their deposit and already withdrew it from their rewards stake address: ALLI, LXN, FRESH, and BGOOD
The following pools still have the deposit on their rewards stake address: GIVE, SPF1 (never withdrew any rewards, seems to be an ISPO pool of Spectrum Finance, hence the insane amount of rewards), and the nameless pool

So, I guess yours is one of the last three (probably not SPF1) and you just have to withdraw the 500 ADA from the rewards account.

Mine was GIVE. When I look in my Yoroi wallet, I see 0 rewards to withdraw. I have not deregistered my stake address yet. Any ideas?

It has gone to the stake pool’s reward address. Did you use your Yoroi wallet for that? Is for example addr1q96lzghhrh0ae7m334pg2faz2gup4wtyfpnnpg0q95uk8alknwcq2kawfglel3urrjqutjgukswpvhyfl620cmrc3spsg60jae one of its addresses? Then maybe just resync Yoroi (or import in another wallet app).

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Ya, that is one of my addresses. I have tried resyncing Yoroi, but that didn’t help. I lost my recovery phrase so I can only use Yoroi.

Oh, that is unfortunate! Lost seed phrase is always trouble later.

As you can see at the Cardanoscan link above, but also on or, the blockchain itself clearly knows that there are 500 ADA “rewards” (actually paid back deposit) available on your stake address.

Quite clearly a Yoroi problem. You’d have to contact their support. @William.Emurgo might know where to best raise this.