Pool retirement deposit


I retired my pool in the previous epoch and I received the refund of the deposit in this epoch. I see them in the controlled funds of the pool wallet (i.e., payment.addr, where I left 1 Ada shows 501 Ada) using the explorer, but when I try to get the balance of the wallet inside the pool these 500 A do not appear, it only shows a balance of 1 Ada so the transaction is not possible. It says that the funds are 1 Ada and not 501 Ada. Does it take time to update? When I will be able to move it?

Thank you

check the pool wallet address on cardanoscan.io - rewards section… does it show withdrawn rewards or available rewards?



Thanks for your answer @Alexd1985. It says 500A in available rewards. But if I press in view all addresses, then the Balance says 1, whereas the Controlled Total stake says there is 501.

Then the transaction wasn’t processed, u are using coincashew or cntools?

The transaction was not processed? What do you mean? I used coincashew to set up the pool.

Wait more minutes, and try again to withdraw the rewards… u should find the steps on coincashew guide… also the node should be 100% synced


Ok, thank you @Alexd1985
Nodes are synced and I followed the steps there but It may need some more time to be processed.

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I waited for 2 whole days and nothing changed, still it says that my wallet has 1 Ada but the balance (or controlled amount) is 501 Ada. However, I cannot transact it as the real wallet balance in the pool is 1 Ada. Might it be a synchronization issue? Should I wait for the next epoch for the funds to be available? The pool designed for retirement in 327, and was retired in epoch 328 (current at the time of writing). Is an extra epoch needed to actually control the funds (so, 329) even though the refund is completed?

This is the info I see…



if u still see 500 ADA to available to withdraw then the transaction wasn’t performed well
you don’t need to wait extra time


I dont understand, what transaction was not performed well? How can it be done well? I dont understand this…I didnt do any transaction, I just waited for the funds to arrive and still I cannot see them in the stake pool wallet but I can see them in Adapools as shown above.

off, ok, the 500 ADA are on stake address (rewards address). You will need to withdraw them in order to see them on payment address (available for spend)

you will need to withdraw the rewards first using this guide:

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Ok, but says my rewards are 0…


can u share here the stake address?



is your node synced? I believe is not

I changed it, check this please: stake1uxtqq8xafuxr5lxwyjc8663ua7aalfrun7scuj4mylpuwtcgknyyq

And yes, the node is synced, with low performance specs but synced.

This one has 0… so the rewards are on first stake address


I will restart the nodes as they may have missed that block? But they are fully synced.

well, which stake address are u interrogating?

This one: stake1u94utjx2gfw3rmdek85nuvx4xrq5amp5fcsmgfyl0e5dnaghd0t4p

The other stake address is from the old pool that I retired and then I created a new one. I do not understand why it appeared.