Retiring Stake Pool

Hi guys,
I am about to retire my stake pool due to the fact that it hasn’t been profitable. At this moment I have a few ADAs there so I was wondering if I need to withdraw those ADAs before retire my pool or I can do this even after retiring it.

I even tried to withdraw but got this error message:
Error: Error while submitting tx: ApplyTxError [LedgerFailure (DelegsFailure (WithdrawalsNotInRewardsDELEGS

My Stake Pool is:

Any help to clarify would be very appreciated. Thanks.

Nope, u will receive the pool registration (500 ADA) back as a reward anyway

And u have no rewards available

Which guide do u follow?


  • retire the pool
  • waith till next epoch to receive the 500 ADA back (as reward)
  • withdraw the rewards
  • move the funds out of the wallet
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Hi Alex, thanks for the quick answer,

My mistake not being clear on my question. I was referring to the Reward Stake (5.02K) that I have there.

I am following coincasshew one (Guide: How to build a Cardano Stake Pool - CoinCashew)

Thanks again.

Do u mean the 5,018.662003 ₳ from wallet? You don’t have to move the funds in order to retire the pool

But what rewards? U have 0 rewards

I am aware that there are no rewards, in fact, that is the reason for retiring my stake pool. But you clarified that the ADAs in my wallet won’t be affected by retiring my pool.

I will retire the pool and withdraw all ADAs to another wallet when I receive the deposit back.

Thanks, Alex.

Retiring the pool will not affect the wallet