Registration fee refund post pool retirement

Hello All:

I’ve seen a few threads on the topic and online, but has anyone gone through the process successfully ?
I would have retired my pool in epoch 256 and from what I’ve read It takes two subsequent epochs to complete the de-registration transaction, but now in epoch 259 the refund still has not hit my node wallet.
Should I simply wait further or is there another course of action ? any feedback /guidance would be greatly appreciated.,

Is your pool listed on the retiring pools list here: Retiring Pools | Cardano Staking
Just to confirm that the retirement worked.
If yes you get your key deposit like a reward and need to claim I think.

Thanks, Actually on ADA as retired (Ticker BK201) so retirement went successfully, but then what is the claiming process ? I wonder if I need to retire the node wallet to trigger it…

Seems to have a small gap in documentation/process with reference to this.

I think it should work like reward claiming: 10. Withdrawing rewards — cardano-node Documentation 1.0.0 documentation

Sorry just did it one time, and not absolutely sure anymore :wink:

Npnp, I’ll keep looking into it and post back here if I complete successfully.

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Which address you query?

Hey, retiring went fine, but the wallet balance does not reflect the refunded fee. From my reading the fee should be returned to the wallet automatically no ?

I would have created a node wallet using cntools

yes - but there is a payment.addr and a stake.addr
So which address have you checked?

cardano-cli query stake-address-info --address <stake.addr> --mainnet
        "address": stake1......",
        "rewardAccountBalance": 123456,
        "delegation": "pool1..."

Can you see your reward balance with cntools?

Hi Laplaz, thanks! I’ll check and post back, have to leave for a bit now…

Also there is an option in cntools to Withdraw Rewards - since the deposit can be found as reward on the stake/rewards address

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Hi Laplaz, this was it, the refund was indeed under rewards in cntools, so just a noob mistake on my part :wink: so the de-registration of my pool seems to have gone smoothly. Thanks guys!

thanks for confirmation - consider mark one of the answer as solution to indicate no need more attention

Indeed, and done. I hope this thread helps others, it was in cntools all along…