Retiring a Stake Pool out of eMax

I decide to run a stake pool several months ago and I want to retire it. We are now on the eMax from I created it so what happen with the stake pool? Can I retire it now? What happen with the deposit?
I cant find documentation about this.
Thank you very much

Which guide did u used when u configured the nodes?

The deposit will be returned as rewards after u will retire the node (1-2 epochs after);

Yes I know the theory about the deposit refund when you retire the stakepool but Im worried about if I can retire it now or not, because Im out of the eMax period.

You will can retire when u will want; u have to choose the desired epoch now minim epoch will be epoch 269

Check this guide… it has a chapter: how to retire the pool

In that guide look the “Example”, there is a max epoch to retire the pool. What does it mean?
Thanks to reply me I appreciate it

It means that u can choose in wich epoch the retire should happen and there is a minimum and a maximum epoch allowed

For example if u will create now the pool deregistration u can choose any epoch (when effectively the pool will be retired) between 269 (minimum) and 286 (maximum)

Yes, so Im talking about that I create the pool on 249 epoch the maximum epoch was 267. So what is happening now? I cant retire. I cant refund the deposit. No documentation about this.

U can retire it whenever u will want, forget about 267… now we are in epoch 268

I know we are on 268 but please look this. What does the latest epoch for retirement mean?

Ok, maybe I didn’t explained well:

so, for example u want to retire the pool let’s say in epoch 300 right?

Now u can’t because we are in epoch 268 and the maximum epoch for retirement is 286 )

U need to understand that if u decided to retire the pool today (epoch 268) inside deregistration certificate u can use only epoch 269-286


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Ahh OKAY, thank you very much to explain it me. I was really blind and Im pretty new. I thought that was a static maximum epoch since the first epoch of the pool. Really thanks to help me I appreciate it

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Nope the min and max epoch for retiring the pool change every epoch, that’s why I told u that u can retire it anytime

Thank you @Alexd1985. Do you know how is the better guide to unregistre the stake address? Because I have payment.addr, stake.addr and paymentstake.addr. All my founds are in paymentstake.addrs. So which would be the best way to move that founds to daedalus wallet?
paymentstake to daedalusaddres or paymentstake to payment (getting the 2A deposit) and then to daedalusaddres

After u will retire the pool u will receive the registration cost back as a reward, so better to not deregister the stake address now

Wait to receive the funds back, then withdraw the rewards and after u can send the funds to daedalus address

U can find the steps for how to withdraw and how to send transactions in the guide provided above

Ok, thank you for your indications. I have 1 more final question. About deregistration stake certificate, the 2A deposit will automatically send to my payment address or I must to do some special here. I donf find documentation about this step. I suppose that is with cardano-cli stake-address deregistration-certificate but nothing about how I will get the deposit of that certificate.


When you creating the transaction you need to add the 2 ADA to txout manually. But @Alexd1985 will confirm it.

when u will deregister the stake address, 2 ADA will be automated added to your payment.addr

related post about 2 ADA:

ahh, but just forget that this maybe automatically done by cntools…

@laplasz he doesn’t use cntools

ok - so lets see the result of the de-register transaction…
@allfs true, that it is not so much documented step…