Next Steps on Stake Pool

Hi All,

I’m new to the party here and am looking to setup a stake pool on the mainnet. I’ve installed the node locally and am completely sync’d up as a passive node. I am now currently at the following instructions at the following step:

Creating a simple transaction

whenever I run this command:

cardano-cli shelley query utxo \

–address $(cat payment.addr)

I always get the following output:
TxHash TxIx Lovelace

I’ve also gone through most of the stake pool course and it mentions a faucet on the testnet to get funds into the payment address. So I have a couple of questions,

  1. What is the best way to fund this address on the mainnet and how specifically would I do that?
  2. Once I’ve gone through and created transactions with all the keys and addresses on my local instance can or should I use those on my AWS Production instances? If not, what is the recommended practice here? Do I take my local instance offline, generate the keys and addresses, transfer to AWS? If so, how do I verify transactions on AWS before registering the pool and making it live?

Thanks in advance for any guidance here, looking forward to being a part of this community.

Hi Sean,

You can use any wallet to send funds directly to you cli address.

As for keys, I recommend installing cardano-node and cardano-cli binaries on a cold / airgapped machine. Use the cold machine to generate all keys and to also build and sign all transactions - and then you can bring the signed transaction files over to a hot node for submission to the chain. It takes quite a bit more work, but this way your keys never touch the internet.

Your friend, FROG

Thanks Kyle,

Appreciate the response, that makes sense that any wallet can send to it as its just another address on the network. I’ll follow the guidelines for keys and signing and get this up an running.


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