Retire pool without BP

I need to retire a stake pool but the bp and relay nodes are no longer operational. I still have access to the offline/air-gapped node that contains cntools and the wallet used for the 500 ada registration fee. My question: is it even possible to retire the pool without using the bp?

As long as you still have the keys and can submit transactions to a running node then yes.

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Thanks weebl2000. I’ve still got all the keys (and everything else) on the air gapped node. Are you saying I need to rebuild the bp and a relay on new servers, copy the keys to the new BP, and then submit the transaction?

You do not need to run the BP. But you will need at least one running node to submit transactions to. You can also do this on your local machine as long as it has enough memory and disk space.

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I apologize for being dense but I’m not following. Could you explain what you mean by “one running node”? I can fire up my air-gapped node, generate the retire transaction with cntools, and then submit the transaction where exactly? I don’t understand how you can submit the transaction without a least a bp node and a relay node.

You can submit transactions to any node, it does not have to be a BP or a relay. It could be the node running inside Daedalus.

You can even modify the transaction a bit and submit it through Blockfrost or Koios.

Transaction submission does not have to have anything to do with the infrastructure of a pool.

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OK. It’s starting to sink in. So I need to build the transaction “manually” on my air-gapped node which has the pool keys etc. and then I can submit the transaction on any machine running Daedalus. Is that correct?

If you have a Daedalus running anyway, yeah, that’s possible. I wouldn’t advice to install it just for this.

If you don’t have Daeadalus installed, installing just a node (and probably using to save a lot of the several days of syncing) would probably be easier.

Or you go the way of submitting through Koios as described here: Then you need neither Daedalus nor another node installed.


Just a reminder, never connect your air-gapped machine to the internet. Sorry if it is obvious!

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Thanks Hepta. I’ll do some reading and see how far I can get.

In any other case I would agree. However, the only thing at risk here is the 500 ada registration fee which is currently worth a grand total of $145 US dollars. The pool in question is defunct. Regardless, I won’t be connecting the air-gapped machine.