Potential Retirement with jacked block producer

Let me ask here. Something happened to my block producer to where it went offline and at this point is unrecoverable, at this point I think it would be best to retire it and call it good but when I look at the process to do so one of the prerequisites is that my pool is synced… updated whatever. Its not, and cant be without some great effort at this point.

Any suggestions?

Well, we need more infos… the node is updated to 1.35.5 or higher?
the node is up and running? If not what is the error?

To be able to retire it, you will need the cold-keys. Have you still got your cold-keys? If so, you just need a synced node to be able to generate the relevant transactions.

I have a single relay still running, it is 1.34.1. I do have my cold keys intact. (Alex my block producer harddrive is dead there are no warnings)

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Ok, upgrade ur relay to 1.35.5 then use it to create/sign/submit transactions

Why don’t you just set up a new BP?

As much as I believe in the project, I doubt my pool could ever actually mint a block. It looks better for the time being to stake to someone elses pool with enough backing to make it work. In this case I have already staked my holdings to Charity Pool.

Thanks for your help. My instructions, using the coincashew guide are having all of the work done on the Block Producer. I dont have a block producer, I have a single relay only. I guess that is more my problem.

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It doesn’t matter where you compose, sign and submit the txs. If you have the necessary keys, you can retire the node, even with a Daedalus installation.

Thankyou very much! I definitely have mixed feelings about pulling the plug.