Greetings, I got my pool [LOCO] running! but how do I know for sure its all ready to go?

Big thank you to all who post here!

after 4 very, very long days I have my pool up and running and I can see it in daedalus.
The pain i went through to get this far is nutso lol

My relay node is syncing fine
My producer node is syncing fine

My ufw settings on relay and producer node are locked down per instructions I found
I removed cold keys from producer

I see my ticker in daedalus and have 2 delegators

so how can i know for sure it will actually work when we go live?

thanks again for all the help!

AFAIK, if you see transactions being processed by your blockproducer (and you supplied your keys an certificate to it) your fine to go. At the moment on my Blockproducer there are about 8,000 transactios per day (which he witnesses, only). You cannot produce blocks yourself by now due to d=1.

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is that the same as txs processed from the cnode gui? it says like 781 right now. yes i supplied everything needed to the cnode startup script, I had to add 3 lines or so after the port if i remember correctly…