Verify block producing node is working correctly


I am a brand new SPO since yesterday! I was wondering. Is there a way to verify that the final setup is actually working properly? I have gone so far to even delegate to my self from another wallet on Daedalus and see it on But I am wondering if it is possible that the block producing setup might be unintentionally on “passive” mode and even if it has delegated stake and pledge it will never try to produce a block.

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Check the glive output… u must see CORE

also u need to have IN/OUT peers, tx processed and KES information



Also check your registration with site - what is the id of your pool?

Ok so thanks toi your comment I just discovered the glive xD I basically did the pool last weekend by just using the cardano-node documentation. So cool to see there is so much done by the community! I will try to setup glive on my node then

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Oh I see mostly is OK but still got a warning? My ticker is “DRDR” (Drunken Dragon Pool)

Check the topology updater script for the Relay

Hi laplasz!

Thank you for that link! I didn’t even know about I appreciate the info!! I will make sure more community members know about this tool.

*, not


yes, it is a good tool to check your setup…
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