Understanding gLiveView Block Producing Metrics - an explanation to a basic question sought!

Hi there guys, relatively new to SPO’ing so still getting my head around the ins and outs. We’ve run RAIN now for a number of EPOCHs (3 months), and this epoch it looks like we may have finally been elected as a slot leader. Obviously excited to make our first block…

How best to interpret the following screen shot, assuming the block leader election is for this current epoch.

  1. Waiting for a slot to produce a block in the remaining 1day left in epoch?
  2. Produced a block on not on chain (for some reason - perhaps a competitiion block was assigned?)

Is there a definition of what ‘Adopted’ means. Also the pool tools don’t show a block produced, however my Grafana dashboard does show a forged block (cardano_node_metrics_Forge_forged_int) ???

Last question:
IN the above BP screenshot - you can see 6 inbound connections (2 are my relays) and 4 have just shown up… is this normal?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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The screen shot clips it (but 0 invalid blocks)

That means the node was scheduled to produce a block and it was created. But if you don’t see in the explorer then it was not validated unfortunately…

Check the logs of your node to determine what happened.

Nope; u should not run topology updater on ur Producer… and u need to accept connections on port 6000 only from ur relays

sudo ufw allow proto tcp from Relay1_IP to any port 6000
sudo ufw allow proto tcp from Relay2_IP to any port 6000

Restart the node

Thanks @laplasz and @Alexd1985 . Thanks for the commands, and confirming I have not run the topologyUpdater on the node, and the topology.json on the BP only has my relays. Will lock down the ports and reboot as suggested. Appreciate.

I’ve read through the articles with reference to the block not appearing on the explorer… are there common reasons as to why this would have occurred that I can check for? I’ll look through the logs now, and try to make sense of what’s occurred. (A little bit disappointing for us, after waiting a few months for this!) So I’m very keen to get an understanding of what happened here.

Are u using cntools?
try to run cncli again from scripts folder

./cncli.sh sync
Wait to see 2-3 lines with 100%

Then ./cncli.sh leaderlog force

Thanks again - confirming BP is now only connected to relay nodes, which is a great start. Unfortunately, I get:

ERROR: failed to locate cncli executable, please install with 'prereqs.sh'

Which I am now investigating… I hadn’t read up on this script yet, and confirming I’ve also re-run prereqs.sh

And I’ve yet to modify any params in prereqs.sh

Note - following instructions now :relaxed:

Ok, run

cd "$HOME/tmp"
curl -sS -o prereqs.sh https://raw.githubusercontent.com/cardano-community/guild-operators/master/scripts/cnode-helper-scripts/prereqs.sh
chmod 755 prereqs.sh
./prereqs.sh -c
. "${HOME}/.bashrc"

OK thanks so much - yes this seems like a key tool I omitted in my initial setup. Restarting node, with the additional services now, and performing the sync. Hopefully the above can be helpful for someone else!

@Alexd1985 thanks again for your help! Perhaps a false alarm?? After a refresh/update of the scripts… it all shows as if the block has never been elected a leader… lol. Although the initial screen shot of gLiveView did show some metrics whereas now…

Running leaderlogs for epoch 254 and adding leader slots not already in DB
Leaderlog calculation for epoch[254] completed and saved to blocklog DB
Leaderslots: 0 - Ideal slots for epoch based on active stake: 0.22 - Luck factor 0%
Running leaderlogs for next epoch[255]
Leaderlog calculation for next epoch[255] completed and saved to blocklog DB
Leaderslots: 0 - Ideal slots for epoch based on active stake: 0.22 - Luck factor 0%


It feels like everything is good… so just continue waiting?

Nope, everything is fine;
Yes perhaps was an error otherwise it should be present in history logs

OK thanks for your great help and validation!

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Hello. I am considering run NODE on Cardano instead of harvesting ETHEREUM as I was planning originally. WHat i need for that and what skills i need to have achieve to maintain the node to prevent issues?


Few skills on linux, rest of them are just scripts;


What about system requirements of my machine, rewards and ADA requirements and such? How often machine ca be rebooted and does it need run as server or I can work on it too.

Can u send links to some articles i could read? I was about to harvest ethereum but when I got some gpus we realized that distributor of energy could have issues with 10 power consumption sufficient for 10 flats not talking the electric network here is in Al not Cu so it can fire up easily if I for example run oven too and coffee can at same time

Hi Karlaz, start reading the basics about stake pools and operating them at docs.cardano.org.
I would suggest then to read guild-operators guid and use there scripts (cntools). These work great together with cncli scripts. Finally I found coincashew’s and pool247.eu’s guild very useful to setup a node. I suggest reading them all before choosing your preferred path.

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May I ask what the second screenshot it. Output of which command?