Slotleader schedule : CNCLI vs gLiveView


When I check the cncli leaderlog, my pool had the lead for two slots this epoch.

  "no": 1,
  "slot": 26584977,
  "slotInEpoch": 60177,
  "at": "2021-04-11T10:27:48-07:00"

But gLiveView give nothing and I checked the logs…i was not leader at all.

Apr 11 10:27:48 LvLUp-Block-Producer bash[2205987]: [LvLUp-Bl:cardano.node.LeadershipCheck:Info:3752] [2021-04-11 14:27:48.00 UTC] {"kind":"TraceStartLeadershipCheck","chainDensity":5.1441506e-2,"slot":26584977,"delegMapSize":426276,"utxoSize":1814383,"credentials":"Cardano"}
Apr 11 10:27:48 LvLUp-Block-Producer bash[2205987]: [LvLUp-Bl:cardano.node.Forge:Info:3752] [2021-04-11 14:27:48.00 UTC] fromList [("val",Object (fromList [("kind",String "TraceNodeNotLeader"),("slot",Number 2.6584977e7)])),("credentials",String "Cardano")]

If i was slot leader, the log should mention TraceNodeIsLeader.

Someone can help me to understand this ?

Thank you :slight_smile:


I had same situation recently - so at least someone else has similar behavior…no idea about the reason…hope someone has an explanation

I am having similar issue. I was scheduled for 3, then made a block out of nowhere last evening. Ran again and now it shows I am only making one block, the one I made last evening.

I have nothing more to add, just sat down to start making sense of it. Hope someone has some insight. I am also looking for a more efficient way of retrieving my schedule than cncli as that made my Raspberry Pi panic.

btw thank you for the how to on telegram bot. Damn handy for a guy burnt out on emails.

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Hi! What do you mean on that? any details? - is there a bot which tries to handle questions regarding to pool setup?

Grafana can alert to a telegram bot that will in turn alert you on Telegram. It’s really nice to have.

1 Like give me no slot leading…just like gLiveView.

What is the result with gLiveView Wcats ?

By the way, the is not supported anymore.

from so do you have a link to

This script is not supported anymore.

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I was not using the last version of CNCLI.

The good news is that i did’t miss blocks, I was not slotleader at all.

Be sure to use the last version of CNCLI compatible with your pool.

CNCLI 1.5 is not compatible with cardano-node 1.26.1.

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Silly question, the script still seems to be working, even though unsupported. But does anyone know if it is reporting leader slots correctly?

Aftern updating cncli to the latest version, yes. On the old cncli version the leaderlog was incorrect. (We succesfully minted the predicted blocks).

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For those wondering, the leaderlog script that Coincashew points to does still work. I had slot 42801 in epoch 263 showing in the leaderlog result and I minted it (my first one) without a hitch.

It’s obviously not supported but it is still working all the same.