CNTOOLS and leaderlogs

How can I check the leader logs? I’m using CNTOOLs but the script leader logs doesn’t work

/opt/cardano/cnode/scripts/ leaderlog --pool-id $POOLID --pool-vrf-skey ${CNODE_HOME}/vrf.skey --byron-genesis ${CNODE_HOME}/files/byron-genesis.json --shelley-genesis ${CNODE_HOME}/files/genesis.json --pool-stake $POOL_STAKE --active-stake $ACTIVE_STAKE --ledger-set $PERIOD --tz $TZ


Usage: [operation ]
Script to run CNCLI, best launched through systemd deployed by ‘’

sync Start CNCLI chainsync process that connects to cardano-node to sync blocks stored in SQLite DB (deployed as service)
leaderlog One-time leader schedule calculation for current epoch, then continously monitors and calculates schedule for coming epochs, 1.5 days before epoch boundary on MainNet (deployed as service)
force Manually force leaderlog calculation and overwrite even if already done, exits after leaderlog is calculated
validate Continously monitor and confirm that the blocks made actually was accepted and adopted by chain (deployed as service)
all One-time re-validation of all blocks in blocklog db
epoch One-time re-validation of blocks in blocklog db for the specified epoch
ptsendtip Send node tip to PoolTool for network analysis and to show that your node is alive and well with a green badge (deployed as service)
ptsendslots Securely sends PoolTool the number of slots you have assigned for an epoch and validates the correctness of your past epochs (deployed as service)
force Manually force pooltool sendslots submission ignoring configured time window
init One-time initialization adding all minted and confirmed blocks to blocklog
migrate One-time migration from old blocklog(cntoolsBlockCollector) to new format (post cncli)
path Path to the old cntoolsBlockCollector blocklog folder holding json files with blocks created

U will need to run

./ sync

wait till u will see 100%

Then run

./ leaderlog

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Checking for script updates…

ERROR: failed to locate cncli executable, please install with ‘’
my node is running several days nonstop but I had to migrate from another server, it wasn’t created from the scratch

I’m using the script inside of scripts folder, when I try cncli command its not recognised
cncli: command not found

cd ~/tmp

./ -c

then run again the script


Hey Alex, is there a way I can pull back up the slot times after the leaderlogs have already been run?

./ leaderlog force to force the leaderlog run again

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Yikes that caused a Reboot… Should I have stopped cnode first?


mem issues… type free -m


This is happening due to insuficient MEM (the restart of the node when u run cncli leaderlog)

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Thx I’ll try increasing my swap and try again.