Here's how to check leaderlog after Alonzo Hard Fork

There were some changes to checking the logs after the fork. Thanks to @AndrewWestberg for all his work in creating this. Thought I’d leave a post to help some of those having problems in an attempt to make it as clear as possible.
My node was built mainly thru the guide at coincashew, but make sure all your paths match up for your own node. I put these commands into an executable .sh script

/usr/local/bin/cncli sync --host --port 6000 --no-service

SNAPSHOT=$(/usr/local/bin/cardano-cli query stake-snapshot --stake-pool-id [YOUR POOL ID] --mainnet)
POOL_STAKE=$(echo “$SNAPSHOT” | grep -oP ‘(?<= “poolStakeMark”: )\d+(?=,?)’)
ACTIVE_STAKE=$(echo “$SNAPSHOT” | grep -oP ‘(?<= “activeStakeMark”: )\d+(?=,?)’)

/usr/local/bin/cncli leaderlog
–pool-id [YOUR POOL ID]
–pool-vrf-skey /home/[YOUR PATH TO]/vrf.skey
–byron-genesis /home/[YOUR PATH TO]/mainnet-byron-genesis.json
–shelley-genesis [YOUR PATH TO]/cardano-my-node/mainnet-shelley-genesis.json
–tz America/New_York
–pool-stake $POOL_STAKE
–active-stake $ACTIVE_STAKE
–ledger-set next

The return will print out all your blocks next epoch. Only available 36 hours before and epoch change. If you would like to search the current epoch, change
poolStakeMark and ActiveStakeMark to
poolStakeSet and ActiveStakeSet
and change -ledger-set next to -ledger-set current

This forum has been incredibly helpful for me over the last year interms of searching for answers for those that has the same problems before me. I think with changes after the Alonzo Hard Fork, there will be some difficulty for those coming new to Pool Operating because their searches will find answers and commands that are now depreciated.

Not sure if there is a way the mods here can build a “After Alonzo Hard Fork” side chain or tag to differentiate. I guess people could just search by “after date Sept 12, 2021” :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: