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Hello everyone -

I have a question about the CoinCashew leaderlog process. Is it accurate that I need to run:

cardano-cli query ledger-state --mainnet --allegra-era --out-file ledger.json

Each time there’s a new Epoch in order to determine my leader slots? If so, is a way to just append the newer ledger information instead of re-running it to get the entire thing every time which can take a while and use a lot of memory?

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  1. yes you need to rerun it. For the leaderlog caluclation you need a delegation snapshot from the previous epoch and the random values, which are generated during the first 2/3 of the current epoch.

  2. I know no method to append the ledger state.

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Thanks Patrick! Can you confirm my steps if you have a moment?

1.5 days prior to the next epoch running, I can determine if I will be a slot leader in that Epoch by:

  1. First grabbing a new ledger state via this command:
    cardano-cli query ledger-state --mainnet --allegra-era --out-file ledger.json

  2. Second calculating my sigma value using the --next argument

  3. Finally, running python3 leaderLogs.py using all the updated items above and the argument --epoch 250 (assuming we’re in 249 currently).

Is that right?

Hi, I personally use the cncli tool which i highly recommend.

:confused: I have tried but it always crashes when I run:

cncli.sh leaderlog

I don’t know if I don’t have enough memory or what… It says I need to increase the timeout, but am not sure that’s an argument you can alter, is it?

did you provide all the required options? Have a look at the github docs

It’s super easy when using docker containers. I run this at the beginning of each epoch, so I can be sure that the generated ledger state is actually that what is used by the current epoch.

Hi I’ve followed the CoinCashew leaderlog process as well, but it does not look like its working for me.

When I run

python3 leaderLogs.py
–pool-id 75c48bfd17b701338131cdc3b8f6a3e218f31b6817795888191abae2
–tz America/Los_Angeles
–vrf-skey ~/cnode/pool-keys/vrf.skey

I get ERROR: You’re a bit early. The epoch nonce for Epoch 254 isn’t ready yet! Try again later.

I have tried also your mcvetyty command
cardano-cli query ledger-state --mainnet --allegra-era --out-file ledger.json
that gave me an empty json file :confused:

Am I doing something wrong?

@dolar468468 this has changed with the mary hard fork. You’d now want to follow these instructions.

Actually it worked. I had a mistake in the command. I have not specified the epoch with --epoch 253

python3 leaderLogs.py
–pool-id 75c48bfd17b701338131cdc3b8f6a3e218f31b6817795888191abae2
–tz America/Los_Angeles
–epoch 253
–vrf-skey ~/cnode/pool-keys/vrf.skey

But I am still sad :disappointed: because I am still not sure if the pool is even working. With 25% chance and around 500k ada in the pool we did not get any blocks …

But it looks like evetything is running on gLiveView so I do not understand :disappointed:

But it looks like everything is running on gLiveView so I do not understand

Being scheduled to mint blocks does not depend on your system to be operational.

As you said, with a 500K pledge you have about a 25 or 30% chance of being scheduled for a block, but that percentage resets every epoch. So similar to rolling a four sided dice 12 times, you may, unfortunately, never get scheduled any of those times. Just keep checking and working to get more delegates to increase your % chance.

Last epoch I had 0 slot assigned with 3,5M stake so… be patience… u will make blocks

Hi all, I was trying to check leaderlogs this morning (NZ time, about 1 hr ago), but I keep getting the “you’re a bit early” error for epoch 259. When I tried testing back on epoch 258 I get an API error. I’m following the coincashew guide. The script was updated when I can the updater.

Anyone else having issues?

The “you’re a bit early” error has gone now, but I get an API error. Has anyone use the leaderlogs script today successfully?

It works now. I guess the api was having a bad day…

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I am new to the leaderlog tool. Where in coincashew can i find the information about leaderlogs setup from scratch ? thanks.

hello ,

18.12 Slot Leader Schedule - Find out when your pool will mint blocks


thanks Alex.