Problem in 1.26.1 to determine slot leadership

Hi Guys,

I updated my nodes to 1.26.1. but facing some problems with running the leaderlogs (setup according Coin Cashew) First step is to download the ledger to a local file.In 1.25.1 there was no problem using the parameter “–out-file ledger.json” In 1.26.1. running with this parameters result in a binary file. So I left out the --out-file parameter and use a > instead to write console output to a file. (cardano-cli query ledger-state --mainnet > ledger.json)
Next thing in the leaderlog is to determine the Sigma vaue. Then I got the following error: Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/home/xxxxxxxx/src/”, line 53, in
ledger_set = ledger[“esSnapshots”][stakequery]
KeyError: ‘esSnapshots’
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/home/xxxxxxxx/src/”, line 53, in
ledger_set = ledger[“esSnapshots”][stakequery]
KeyError: ‘esSnapshots’
When look at the total if statement at line 53 of
if “nesEs” in ledger:
ledger_set = ledger[“nesEs”][“esSnapshots”][stakequery]
ledger_set = ledger[“esSnapshots”][stakequery]
The problem occurse in the last line as it comes in the else phrase.

Additional: When firing the 1.25.1 ledger state command and also change the outfile paramater to > the script is able to get a Sigma value.
Any one facing the same problem or have a suggestion?


Have you updated cncli? cncli/ at develop · AndrewWestberg/cncli · GitHub

Hi Laplasz,

Thanks for the respons. I am not using CNCLI. It’s an option if things don’t work out, but for this moment I am looking for a solution within the Pooltool Python scripts.



Ohh I have not heard about that script:) and had problems with cncli ledgerlogs after moving to 1.16.1.
Ok - thanks for clarifying it… @Pegasus hight help you…


Here is a fresh comment regarding to this script, so worth to switch to cncli

Leaderlogs are not supported any more, see the deprecation notice on the github repo here:

These scripts will cease to be maintained immediately and may not be updated to support changes to future Cardano node and cli instances. The scripts may be removed from this repository all together on or after 2021-03-01 . No support will be provided for these scripts by Andrew Westberg, PapaCarp, or Adam Dean. As an alternative, we strongly recommend that you consider installing the fantastic CNCLI utility library by Andrew Westberg.

Ah ok, makes sense! I will take a look at the cncli utility. Thanks!