Verifying pool settings

After making a change to the metadata and pledge, I’d like to verify all is well.

In the coin cashew guide, under section 18.4, it provides the following method to check status, however it returns no output.

cardano-cli query ledger-state --mainnet > ledger-state.json
jq -r '.esLState._delegationState._pstate._pParams."'"$(cat stakepoolid.txt)"'"  // empty' ledger-state.json

I’d really appreciate if someone can tell me why it might be returning a blank output and how I might start troubleshooting?

I don’t know why is happening, but I can tell you that the pledge changed with success



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Thanks Alexandru, I see that too. Everything seems like it should be OK but I don’t understand the blank output.

Just a thought, I haven’t waited until after the epoch transition. Perhaps this is why.

Aa, could be indeed, you can try in 5 hours :slight_smile:

Alas, even after passing the epoch boundary, the blank output persists.