Cannot confirm my stake pool on blockchain

After I registered and finished my transaction for 500ADA I received the message saying transaction was submitted.

cardano-cli query ledger-state --mainnet | grep publicKey | grep $(cat stakepoolid.txt)
this command doesn’t get me back any response, just empty, and I also cannot find my stake pool on or any other websites.

Also during executing the command above, the core node seems to stop and restart because my gLiveview shutdown…

I found my pool by my pool ID but there is no Name, Ticker…

Does anyone know how to set-up name and thicker after the registration?

I have the same issue on testnet. Anyone, please help with ticker visibility.

I could not see my ticker right after my registration, however, after couple of hours it was on the blockchain. You should also search by pool-id.

I can search pool id by the cli query command. ans also can able to see on pooltool but no ticker available.

Probably because you are on testnet not mainnet.
You cann see your pool-ID by cat stakepoolid.txt

check site, and query your pool-id.
you will get infos about your registered node - and will guide you what to do next…