Stake pool no appear on Adapool

Hello, on Friday I just finish the replication of relay and producer, all looks good, but I-m not able to find my pool, I checked using where XXXX is my pool id and only I got , any idea what is not on the blockchain?


It usually just takes time. Another good site to check the status of your pool is If that is clean (no errors) then you will just need to wait until all the various sites pick it up.

thanks Jeremy, looks I need to wait, on I got a Fail Pool not found

I can’t search by xxxx… why do u think the POOL ID is secret? If u have an issue and ask for help… provide all informations


If the pool is not visible then probably u have an issue with the metadata file/hash
Check on by xxxx

If you can let us know your ticker, or pool id we can help work through any issues.

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my pool id is 2acf18f0920155dec9344f80d2ba32c4c80f1c35bc0cf4cf51ee6499

and my ticker is OCT

I can’t find the pool on or
Did u registered the pool? 500 ADA were deducted from ur wallet?


Another important question… the nodes are 100% synced?

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the nodes are 100% sync, on the wallet I have 505 ada founded, I run it and the output was Staking Address is on the chain !
also I registered the pool with no issues, I don’t If I can run again the myPool myWallet

I found the issue.
Please make sure to upload your MetaData JSON file correctly to your webserver!
Pool-Registration aborted! :frowning:

Only need to fix it.